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The Sixth Annual Lemon Ball

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation hosted its sixth annual Lemon Ball, presented by Volvo Cars and Toys “R” Us with support from Cigna, January 14 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, in Center City. The affair was attended by nearly 850 guests, who raised more than $700,000 for the childhood cancer charity. The Alex Scott Crystal Cup […]

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How structured should my workouts be?

Aim for what I like to call “structured variety.” A new workout every day does have its benefits, like preventing muscle adaptation and generating new interest. But it makes it impossible to track progression, and, ultimately, it’s not going to provide you with optimal results. On the other hand, too much structure, such as sticking […]

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Our Favorite Food People-The 2012 Edition

These six chefs are setting the standard that everyone else will be aspiring to in the year ahead. By Scott Edwards In each of the first few installments of this annual compilation, there’s been a common thread: the groundbreaking icons, the innovative newcomers, the responsible reformers. But there’s no one category we can neatly fold […]

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Do Try This at Home

Amateur home cooks are fast becoming every bit as passionate about the food they serve as the gifted pros who are being elevated to rock star status. Four serious-minded hobbyists invited us into their kitchens to share their inspirations and what they’re learning along the way. By Erika Jaeger-Smith Chris O’Connell Reporter, FOX 29 | […]

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Tracing that Irresistible Aroma

Thousands are letting their growling stomachs steer them toward off-the-radar pockets of Philadelphia, where they’re being rewarded with dirt-cheap, innovative fare. By Scott Edwards After several months of wading through permit applications and negotiating with an endless cast—city officials, neighborhood leaders, small business owners and vendors, for starters—the debut of Night Market Philadelphia met a […]

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