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Targeting an upscale, sophisticated audience, Mainline magazine is the first and only of its kind to spotlight the diverse lifestyle, cultural and entertainment elements that comprise the suburban yet increasingly metropolitan county.

Mainlinemagazine offers its advertisers access to readers that matter. They are brand conscious and possess high disposable incomes. As residents of one of the country’s most affluent regions, the Mainline audience knows what it likes and it has the means to attain it.


Digital Ad Specs

Final trim size is 9” x 10 7/8”.
Add 1/8” to trim for bleed ads. Keep all live matter at least 3⁄8” from trim.
Only digital ads are accepted.

What we request from our advertisers: Two file formats:
1) a TIFF-IT/P1 file and 2) a PDF/X1 file.

If you do create your own ad and cannot provide a TIFF-IT/P1 or PDF/X1 file please follow these rules:
1)  Use a professional page layout program such as Quark, Illustrator, InDesign. Always send all of your fonts and graphics files along with the file and pre-flight your files using preflighting software.
2) Do NOT use Microsoft Publisher or similar “business”- oriented programs.
3) Do NOT use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word.
4) Scan all images to at least 266-300 dpi
(72 dpi is low resolution and will print as such).
5) Turn all images to CMYK; do not leave them in RGB format.
6) Send all ads with a FINAL HARD COPY PROOF with your signature. It’s our only record of what the ad should look like.

Email: You can send files via email to:

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