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An Addition and a Facelift for Menagerie

Menagerie Boutique’s second location opens Monday in Haverford Square. A Main Line staple, the new shop will carry the same labels as the Eagle Village flagship, including Calypso, Claire Vivier, Jillian Gulius, Karen Walker and Coolchange. It’ll also have a collection of owner Kate Lawson’s one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The Web site,, was […]

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Heart Pumping, Mind Bending

Under the cover of the black light studio and the booming, club-y soundtrack, I was able to mask most of my suffering through the 45-minute spinning session. But there was no hiding from the room-length mirror during the yoga workout that followed on its heels. And so, I stood quivering on one leg, threatening to […]

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A Joke is a Very Serious Thing

For most of the last decade, guys around here flat-out gave up trying to dress casually. Then a man and his dog intervened and reversed the laughingstock reputation before it hardened. Now we’re back down to Santa being pelted with snowballs. So, that’s something. By Avery Greene For a while, all Seun Olubodun could see […]

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Gift Guide 2013

One for You, Two for Me None of us actually needs any of the stuff featured on the next seven pages. Then again, when was Christmas shopping ever about need? (Mom, don’t answer that.) This is a holiday fueled by pure lust. You want what you won’t let yourself have. But, if your significant other’s […]

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Where There’s An Oversize SUV, There’s a Way

It’s been almost three years since Cathy Snyder, a Lumberville mother of two college-age children, started canvassing Bucks and Hunterdon farms in the massive Ford Excursion that she won, gleaning leftover produce to supplement the too-often lacking pantries and shelters. Back then, she was a one-woman, grassroots movement that went by the name Gas Guzzling […]

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A Charmed Life

For Tiffany’s Philadelphia director, there was little choice but to follow her heart. Tiffany McCauley coincidentally shares her name with the most recognizable brand in America for luxury jewelry and uncoincidentally helms four of its stores that compose the Philadelphia market. Tiffany & Co. celebrated its 175th anniversary this year. McCauley, who lives in Doylestown, […]

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A Girl and Her Dog, Stride for Stride

That a 16-year-old girl and her dog are inseparable is to be expected. That they’re among the most promising handler-and-dog performance teams in the country is where the story veers toward something. Last June, Blake Rivas and her two-year-old English Cocker Spaniel, Trixie, beat out more than 20 competitors to score the High in Trial […]

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A Lil’ Bit Country, A Lil’ Bit Rock and Roll

As the twin towers fell to the ground and New York City descended into chaos, Todd Stone, a husband and father of two then-young daughters, reacted like an artist: He grabbed his camera, climbed to the roof of his TriBeCa studio and began documenting the surreal horror. “The pigeons lifting from the sound of the […]

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15 Seconds of Fame are More Precious than Any Stone

Social media and semi-precious stones have proven to be a profitable combination for Marissa Small, the owner of Mina Danielle, a signature line of customized jewelry. In pairing the two, she’s garnered a following thousands strong that spans the Main Line to Hollywood and includes “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards. Small, who […]

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The Unsuspecting Winemaker

Not too long ago, grapes were the furthest thing from Kieran Robinson’s mind. But with the release of the first wine under his own label, they’ve fast become his way of life. By Mike Madaio When Kieran Robinson left Downingtown for Ithaca College, he had no intention of finding a job in the wine industry. […]

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