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A Taste of Something Different

Brian Sirhal and Timothy Spinner seem to harbor the same raging appetites that their restaurants inspire in us. Following close on the heels of Taqueria Feliz, their first Manayunk venture and their third restaurant in the Philly region, Sirhal (pictured, left) and Spinner (right) earlier this week unveiled Beast & Ale, their updated take on […]

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The Food is Serious, the Chef, Not So Much

The name of a certain Ottsville caterer delivers a distinct impression, which makes it worth noting that we do not live in a box of Lucky Charms, and food is not magically delicious. Whimsical as a brand like The Flying Avocado Whole Foods may seem, it gets you through only so many doors. The owner […]

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Shedding Inhibitions

Eric Asimov is a wine advocate for the people. He proclaims flowery tasting notes to be tyrannical and meaningless. And though he understands why we, the quick-to-drink, slow-to-appreciate members of the swilling masses, rely on the ratings, he scrutinizes them no less for being misleading. Asimov has made it his life’s work to demystify the […]

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A Depth Beyond Taste

Four kinds of hummus—the luscious, creamy dish made from chickpeas. If your tastebuds aren’t twitching yet, step back for a moment and consider what else a be on the menu of a restaurant that bothers to make four kinds of hummus. There, in that instant, you’ll have your first fleeting taste of chef Michael Solomonov […]

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A Lifetime to Learn Simple Food

Carlo deMarco, one of the Main Line’s foremost chefs, is perfecting lessons that were instilled in him at an early age. Twelve years ago, I opened 333 Belrose Bar & Grill in Radnor, fulfilling a lifelong dream to be my own boss and to have a place that’s very much like the great casual eateries […]

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