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Standing on the Cusp

Well removed from the fast times of the start of the millennium, it was through a gradual and necessary coming-to-terms that we’re about to arrive at an entirely fresh eating culture. By Cailen Ascher Tastes are always evolving. But, talking strictly within the confines of our eating habits, it’s felt, for some time now, as […]

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Home is Where the Hearth is

When the winter barked outside, a crackling fire nourished within. By Cailen Ascher I grew up in bucolic Stockton, New Jersey, in a house my parents built to look like a 19th-century farmstead. In the summer, our time was spent almost entirely on our wraparound porch. As the leaves turned, the hearth became our home, […]

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Dissecting the Dinner Party

Before your closest friends reconsider your next invitation, stop going through the motions and remember why you started having them over. By Cailen Ascher Somewhere along the line, the reasons why you began hosting dinner parties were forgotten and it became a formulaic act. Now you’re depending a little too heavily on the quality of […]

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Summer Mixology 101

Three simple cocktails that are worth breaking a light sweat to make. By Cailen Ascher A chilled cocktail is a key component of the quintessential summer afternoon around these parts. A little sun, a dip if possible, a few friends and family, some light munchies and a cold drink or two. All help take the […]

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A Carnivore’s Delight

How can you go wrong with cured meat and artisanal cheese? You can’t. By Cailen Ascher I’m always looking for creative new ways to infuse holiday parties with a little something extra. Enter The Charcuterie Party. At its essence, charcuterie is simply a cured-meat platter accompanied by artisanal cheeses. The minimalism of this rustic formula […]

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