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The Selfie as Art (Sort of)

From man’s first sketches on the cave wall to the rise of the selfie, the portrait has been an ever-present subject matter for artists. The power of the portrait to tell a story, illuminate social injustices or capture a moment in time lies in the pictorial representation as well as the media and process by which […]

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A Humbling Celebration for a Landmark Nonprofit

Tickets are now on sale for Philabundance’s Beet Hunger Bash, which will be held November 7, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, in West Philly. The affair will celebrate the nonprofit’s 30th anniversary and its founder, Pamela Rainey Lawler, and, of course, chip away a little further at its […]

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Back and Bigger than Before

The King of Prussia Beerfest Royale returns Thursday with Donnerstag: Happy Hour, which’ll feature a food-and-beer tasting, a pumpkin beer bar, beer-infused cocktails, a concert by The Hoppin’ John Orchestra and a cigar lounge (complete with a complimentary cigar). It will run from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at The Court at the King of […]

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A Family-friendly Theater Company to Debut in Bryn Mawr

The Bryn Mawr-based Two Ducks Theatre Company will be staging its inaugural production, the kid-friendly Rainbowtown, Sept. 6 through Sept. 20 at the Radnor United Methodist Church, in Bryn Mawr, as part of the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival. A hilarious, interactive short play, Rainbowtown was written by Carrie Nielsen, a Bryn Mawr resident and a professor […]

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Wheat The Other White Bread

Yeah, wheat bread isn’t as bad for you as white. But it’s not good for you, either. By Todd Soura Sometime over the last few years, while white bread was being flogged as the poster child for processed foods and, thus, for the fattening of Modern America, its whole-wheat brother slipped out the back door […]

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A Summer to Remember at Valley Forge Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park will launch a jam-packed program season Saturday with the annual March Out of the Continental Army Commemoration, which’ll begin at Artillery Park at 11 a.m. From there, you’ll walk about a half-mile to the Varnum’s Picnic Area. Along the way, interpreters in Continental Army uniform will explain the events at […]

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Make Your Own Spring

With Radiant Orchid as her inspiration, Colleen Attara gets a jump on Mother Nature. There’s a point near the initial edge of spring when I free my toes and wear only open-toe sandals and flip-flops from then on. It’s not a fixed date; it’s a feeling. Though, this year, my instincts went haywire because I […]

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Couch Potato to Olympic Wannabe

After finding himself strangely entranced by a sport he thought was only played by a bunch of eccentric Canadians, Mike Madaio set out to scratch his Olympic-size itch. It was sometime during the wee hours of a frozen February night, and I was cocooned in my living room watching curling. Not because I couldn’t sleep […]

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The Suburbs Can Rock, Too

The Suburbs Can Rock, Too Your mother’s opera house, it is not. But the Ardmore Music Hall ( isn’t a South Street hipster dive either. What it is, exactly, is the rare venue that’s tricked out with the kind of creature comforts that’ll entice both segments—a booming sound system for the hipsters and, well, there’s […]

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Jack Wills | Traditional Templates Infused with New Life

A couple months back, the British invaded Suburban Square, in Ardmore. And, as has been the case with every such occurrence over the last generation or two, we’re a more stylish society for it. The landfall is the 15th American store for the London-based Jack Wills, and its 80th worldwide. Young, well-tailored men’s and women’s […]

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