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Wheat The Other White Bread

Yeah, wheat bread isn’t as bad for you as white. But it’s not good for you, either. By Todd Soura Sometime over the last few years, while white bread was being flogged as the poster child for processed foods and, thus, for the fattening of Modern America, its whole-wheat brother slipped out the back door […]

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Sitting is Killing You

Being someone who is fairly active this bit of information came as a bit of a shock. I’m no couch potato, but I do sit in front of a computer, sometimes for hours on end. Check out these statistics and you may want to get up and walk around. As soon as you sit: • […]

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Bite-size Bursts of Age-Defiance, Injury-Prevention, Performance-Enhancement

The biggest nutritional difference-makers come in the smallest packages. By Todd Soura Beans and seeds rarely seem to surface in discussions of restructuring diets. Maybe it’s the fart jokes from junior high resonating. Or the perception that they’re too hard to incorporate into non-vegetarian cooking. Either way, you’re missing out. Don’t infer from their small […]

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Weight Training for Runners and Cyclists

It’s too often neglected by endurance athletes, even though they stand to collect dramatic gains from it and spare themselves from a few injuries along the way. By Todd Soura I come across lots of serious runners and cyclists who don’t incorporate weight training into their exhausting regimens, even though it would be hugely beneficial […]

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The Mud Run Experience

As intense as the training may have been, it was no match for the real thing. By Todd Soura When the summer rolls around, a week at the Jersey Shore with my family is usually my target event. This year, it was a weekend at Blue Mountain, but rest and relaxation weren’t on the itinerary. […]

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Make Your Resolution Stick

Before 2012 ends with another empty promise, reevaluate your priorities. By Todd Soura New Year’s resolutions seem to reflect equal parts guilt, from holiday binge drinking and eating, and hope, that a fresh start is all the catalyst that’s needed to truly bring one’s life into focus once and for all. Regardless of your motives, […]

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