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Week Two: Recalibrating

The start of the new regimen was going great until … . Five days in, I was feeling strong and gaining momentum. I capped a 20-minute run the first morning with a few wind sprints. An invigorating weight-training session followed later in the morning. And I threw in one more 10-minute run around eight that […]

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Week One: Full of Anticipation

Week One: Full of Anticipation For those who think I only like to dole out the pain, think again. I’ll be pushing through my limits too as I follow the regimen prescribed in my spring column, “Four Weeks and Counting” (including the live-off-the-earth diet). Only, I plan on doing it for the next eight weeks. […]

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Recovering from Joint Replacement

Not too long ago, if you suffered from knee pain, you could have gotten yourself checked out by a vet just as easily as you could a doctor. Both would have offered the same remedy: a sympathetic look coupled with the parting expression, “Good luck.” But times are changing. And they’re doing so at light […]

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How structured should my workouts be?

Aim for what I like to call “structured variety.” A new workout every day does have its benefits, like preventing muscle adaptation and generating new interest. But it makes it impossible to track progression, and, ultimately, it’s not going to provide you with optimal results. On the other hand, too much structure, such as sticking […]

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