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Week Two: Recalibrating

The start of the new regimen was going great until … . Five days in, I was feeling strong and gaining momentum. I capped a 20-minute run the first morning with a few wind sprints. An invigorating weight-training session followed later in the morning. And I threw in one more 10-minute run around eight that […]

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Week One: Full of Anticipation

Week One: Full of Anticipation For those who think I only like to dole out the pain, think again. I’ll be pushing through my limits too as I follow the regimen prescribed in my spring column, “Four Weeks and Counting” (including the live-off-the-earth diet). Only, I plan on doing it for the next eight weeks. […]

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Recovering from Joint Replacement

Not too long ago, if you suffered from knee pain, you could have gotten yourself checked out by a vet just as easily as you could a doctor. Both would have offered the same remedy: a sympathetic look coupled with the parting expression, “Good luck.” But times are changing. And they’re doing so at light […]

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