How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

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When January comes, fear not. There’s a place for everything.
By Laurie Palau

The holiday season now routinely catches me off-guard. Probably because the retail displays go up earlier every year. I spotted my first in Kohl’s, in early September. The basic premise seems to be the longer we’re exposed, the more time we have to buy.
But it’s around Thanksgiving when our appetites become truly insatiable. There’s almost no limit to our spending, our eating and, of course, our decorating. When January rears its ugly head, what then? We’re broke, a little overweight and wedged into a living room overrun with Bobblehead Santas and Frostys.
It’s clear, but it still needs to be said: Holiday decorations will spend 90 percent of their lifespan in storage. So, while you may be in awe of that three-foot-tall nutcracker or those Scandinavian Christmas angel chimes, you need to consider where it’s all going to go for the other 11 months of the year. And then: how you’re going to keep the fragile stuff from breaking, and whether it’s worth your time to organize as you pack everything.
First, the easy guidelines. Keep all of the holiday decorations together. Whether it’s a corner in the attic or a crawlspace, dedicating a single nook for everything will not only make life easier for you during packing and unpacking, it’ll also help you monitor just how much you have. In that vein, before you buy anything, purge the outdated and broken stuff.
The tricky part about storing holiday decorations is that they come in every size and shape, from tiny, delicate ornaments to house-dwarfing inflatables. (You know who you are.) Investing in proper containers is the key to finding a place—not an entire garage bay—for everything.
The pieces on the right will cover everything in your collection, with some room to spare. As to whether you should organize as you go, these containers will make that decision for you.


Snapware Snap ‘n Stack Seasonal Home Storage Three-Layer Ornament Box | $23
Convenient and efficient.

Household Essentials Polyester Canvas Chests $10 to $20 | These durable containers will safely store your fragile holiday dishes and stemware.
The plate chest supports an impressive 25 pounds.

The Container Store
Customized Gift Wrap Center
$29 | Specific-sized compartments cover everything from unruly wrapping paper to the constantly-misplaced Scotch tape, all under one lid.

Sterilite ClearView Latch Bins | $20 to $80
They come in sizes up to 110 quarts, so you’ll be able to pack everything that’s leftover, including the giant inflatables. I like these because they’re clear and they latch, so you can see the contents and know they’re protected.


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