Our Vision

A Glossy Publication for a Polished Audience

No one understands the Main Line market like Main Line Magazine. This cultured, cultivated audience demands excellence, and Main Line Magazine delivers – with a sophisticated publication that speaks to their interests.

Every aspect of Main Line Magazine, from its high quality paper stock and stylish graphics to the lush color photography and topical editorial articles, is chosen and designed for this discerning readership.

Main Line Magazine is not only the most cost-effective means to reach the region’s most active and affluent consumers, it’s also the most finely targeted. Main Line readers are highly selective about what they read, what they listen to, how they spend their time – and how they spend their money. They take pride in staying up to date and shop regularly at the region’s finest establishment.

Put your advertising in Main Line magazine and open your door to southeastern Pennsylvania’s most desirable customers.

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