The Fixer

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Fantasize all you want about having someone else do the heavy lifting in your life. Just realize, sooner rather than later, preferably, that such a person exists.
By Avery Greene

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The Age of Convenience is a false façade. Sure, most everything that comprises our daily lives is easier to do and to manage than it was even 10 years ago, but such efficiency has propelled us to chase relentless to-do lists.
To think, Two of me would be so much better, is to (a.) ignore all the fruit that your Type-A self has plucked, peeled and whipped into a thick, delicious smoothie in the Vitamix Advance Blending Station that you had to have, and (b.) acknowledge that your significant other is, in fact, useless when it comes to household chores, shuttling your children and resolving the burning rubber smell that wafts through the vents of your Outback. Still, we’ve all been there.
Enter Teresa Watkins, your other you. Or rather, the owner of Time Sweet Time (, a personal concierge service based in Blue Bell. While the former aspiring news anchor names among her clients a pro baseball player, a Princeton, New Jersey, socialite and a former reality show contestant, the crux of her business, says the wife and mother of three, is everyday business—lining up landscapers, booking flights, snagging the elusive Saturday-night reservation at The Farm and Fisherman.
She’s hardly the household name that she should be, but then, the credit’s yours to claim. Don’t worry. She won’t spill. She won’t name names, at least.

How would you sum up your product?
It’s kind of like trimming the fat and inefficiencies. I can tell you this, just in general, people don’t know they have access to this type of service. You can have one entity managing your whole life.
I would imagine you’ve encountered your fair share of divas.
Last-minute things are the most demanding. Like, “Please set up a reservation at the hottest restaurant in LA (on short notice).” But I don’t really have high-maintenance clients. That would drive me crazy.
Were you always a go-to person for getting things done?
We had a lot of structure in our household with my dad being in the Navy. We had to make our beds every day, and my locker was extremely neat.
Was there a light-bulb moment when you realized you could parlay your personality into profit?
I was into my 14th year in corporate America. I had become a mom, and my work-life balance was really off. The time came when the economy hit the skids in 2008. People were holding onto jobs and I decided to leave. I couldn’t afford to be miserable.
Let’s say you get one day to be your own personal concierge.
How would you pamper yourself?
I would get a massage and a facial or a pedicure. Or if I’m home, I’ll light some candles and take a bubble bath. I don’t need to go to Paris. If you just send me to a spa, I’m good.


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