The Food is Serious, the Chef, Not So Much

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chef_Peg-2webThe name of a certain Ottsville caterer delivers a distinct impression, which makes it worth noting that we do not live in a box of Lucky Charms, and food is not magically delicious. Whimsical as a brand like The Flying Avocado Whole Foods may seem, it gets you through only so many doors.
The owner of said brand, chef Peg Fagan, firmly grasps that. “Paramount importance to any meal is flavor, and that is my main goal,” says Fagan, who’s curried favor with the gluten-free and vegan communities through her fondness for and mastery of all-natural ingredients. But along the way, she’s also enticed the taste buds of plenty of others who simply like good grub.
After toiling in “every conceivable venue”—“I’ve been fussing with food a long time,” she says—including the kitchens of a youth correctional facility, a prep school and her own bakery, Flying Avocado ( presents yet another shift in focus, this one enabling her to be more adventurous than her previous outlets. Kale soup, meatloaf, cornbread and koshari, an Egyptian street food, fill her curiosity now. Though the most intriguing dish is the 54-year-old chef’s personality. She adores a good pilaf, abhors pesticides and preservatives and likes to add flax meal to dishes “just for fun.”
Just when you think you’re beginning to peg Fagan, she veers again. “If someone wants a fancy pastry or a traditional birthday cake, I will provide a decadently wonderful, buttery, sugary-sweet [treat] without a second thought,” she says. “Life is short, and we all have our guilty pleasures.”
The aim behind the name seems to be two-fold: Have a laugh, but don’t judge anything at first glance. —Avery Greene


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