Week Two: Recalibrating

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The start of the new regimen was going great until … .

Five days in, I was feeling strong and gaining momentum. I capped a 20-minute run the first morning with a few wind sprints. An invigorating weight-training session followed later in the morning. And I threw in one more 10-minute run around eight that night. That was by and large my routine through Wednesday.

I stuck to my diet just as closely: no eating before the morning run or after the one at night. Breakfast was eggs and a piece or two of fruit. Lunch was a salad with some kind of protein and olive and coconut oils and balsamic vinegar. Dinner, a protein and multiple vegetables. I snacked during the day on nuts and homemade protein smoothies.

By Wednesday, I was increasing the pace of my runs and adding more sprints. I felt great. But that night I reached for a blanket while watching TV with my family, and I knew something was wrong. It was way too warm for a blanket. For a second, I wondered if I could be overtraining, but that would take weeks to stress the immune system, not a few days. No, this was a virus. I couldn’t deny it. A random, poorly-timed virus.

After taking a few days to recover, I started training again today with a mild weight workout. If I feel well tonight and tomorrow morning, I’ll go for a run.

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